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1. Who is Tattoomorrow for:


Our application is specifically dedicated to tattoo artists, piercers and permanent makeup artists. It has been thought out and designed to meet your needs. Each profession requires precise logistics and organisation. Tattoomorrow is the extension of your professional activity that simplifies your life. Tattoomorrow is a great ally.


2. Why switch to an application:


Managing a store is sometimes complex and tedious.

Tattoomorrow is here to simplify your life with a complete turnkey solution.

Whether it is to manage its agenda, its customers' documents, their traceability sheets and their disclaimers or payments; all this takes a lot of time and what better than an application to avoid spending hours managing all these tasks.


Everything is organized and everything is in its place, the use is intuitive.

You will no longer have to run after your documents, everything is dematerialized and organized for you and as it should be, you will save time and gain flawless organization.


Whether you are on a smartphone or tablet, Tattomorrow will follow you and will be accessible in one click, no need to load up with documents from the store, everything fits in your pocket. Your iPad stays at the shop in the evening? No problem, all your devices are synchronized with each other and you will find all the information on each of them.


You will manage your agenda, the creation of clients, their ultra-complete sheets as well as their projects containing photos, liability discharge sheet, traceability of equipment, list of deposits and payments, the sending of treatment sheets and their appointment reminders. -you.


Come out of the shadows with your paper diary and go for a management 2.0.


If you have several phones or tablets, just download the application and log in and voila, the single subscription for all your media. 

3. A secure application:


It's never easy to trust an application, to enter personal data without knowing where it will be saved and if everything is secure.


Tattoomorrow's servers are not at the other end of the planet, they are based in France and meet GDPR standards (General Data Protection Regulations, European regulations)


The application was developed in France by a French company, just like our company.


Your data is well guarded, you can rest easy.


The availability of Tattoomorrow on the AppStore and GooglePlay guarantees you a secure “inApp” payment method, i.e. you pay in the stores directly and not on an external website out of control._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


All these criteria for the development of Tattoomorrow make it possible to guarantee you a secure and available application at all times.

4. A simplified welcome:


An optimized and simplified reception to allow you to access the latest customers created and the next appointments. No frills: speed and time saving are the key words at Tattoomorrow.


Thanks to the direct links in the tabbar you can access your calendar, your customers and your account in one click


5. Manage an agenda: one of the strengths of Tattoomorrow:


Turning the pages of your diary for long minutes, not knowing when the next availability is, forgetting a customer meeting, ending up with badly organized days, forgetting your diary at the store... All this is a thing of the past with Tattoomorrow.


Your diary will be readable quickly and at a glance, one visual per month with a color patch for your workload each day*. This alone will save you a ton of time.


In two clicks you will create an appointment directly by selecting the desired day.

A single click on a day and the appointments appear at the bottom of the agenda.


*workload based on 8 hours of work, the color dot will change color depending on the number of hours you have booked per day.


6. How to manage your clients with Tattoomorrow:


No customer limit at Tattoomorrow.


The customer is the basis of everything. Once it has been created, you can create projects directly in sa  fiche, the same for its appointments.


If you have several projects with the same client, they will be end to end and accessible in one click.


The customer tab in your tabbar will list all your customers, display from A to Z or from Z to A and for more speed you have a direct search mode by name, first name or nickname.


Tattoomorrow does what it promises and saves you as much time as possible.


Via the home page, you can also find your last ten modified customers. No memory lapses at Tattoomorrow. We guarantee it.


7. Your traceability: 


Why is it important to trace:


In our businesses, it is recommended to trace the material used for each act, whether sterility labels or inks with batch numbers, references, expiry dates, etc. 




At first to remember the material used, in the tattoo for example if you use several different brands of inks in order to choose the same material in case of retouching. 


Secondly: in the event of an infection or other problem with a client, you have proof that there has been equipment that meets the standards and is adequate for the act. The use of ink that meets the standards in force and with an expiry date that has not passed. 

This will be a major asset in the event of a dispute. And your professionalism cannot be called into question. In addition, by carrying out traceability in front of your customer, he will be informed of your best practices and will have unfailing confidence in your establishment. 


Tattoomorrow has therefore integrated this process into each of the projects.


Each customer project therefore has its traceability. 

Several choices possible: 

- Text: Choose between the dedicated spaces to write the product information what you need to trace.

- Photo: Optimize your traceability for optimal time saving by photographing the labels. Instead of writing the details of 10 ink pots or 10 cartridges, one click and the photo is saved in the project.


Also, your app will make a copy of the photo in the device gallery. 

No limit of texts or photos at Tattoomorrow, have as many projects with as many photos as you want.


8. Your Disclaimer:


Tattooing, piercing or permanent make-up are not trivial acts and can have health effects in the event of a problem during healing.


Having a disclaimer signed before each act is therefore strongly recommended. 


Indeed, even if you take all the best precautions in the world, that hygiene is respected and that all protocols are carried out according to the rules, your client may contract a skin problem or see a disease if the healing is poorly performed. .


In addition, depending on the information requested in your disclaimer, you may have contraindications for the acts: allergy to certain components or latex, drug treatment, pregnant woman, etc. 


In case of dispute :

it will be very hard to defend yourself if you do not discharge liability or trace your equipment, these are very important points and must be scrupulously respected. 


You can find a disclaimer pre-filled with your information and that of your client in each client project in order to have it signed electronically by this one. 

You can use our waiver template or modify it by going to the settings in the disclaimer tab in your account.


Once the disclaimer has been read and signed by the client directly on your phone or tablet, it will be sent by email to you and your client for archive. So you don't have to do anything, everything is automatic.


Tattoomorrow accompanies you to work and protect you in the best possible conditions.

9. Manage your payments:


We have all noted a deposit or payment on a piece of paper that we have obviously lost or misplaced. This inevitably leads to a fabulous moment of solitude in front of his client: “you gave me  how much the last time?” Not very professional...


Find a space dedicated to payments in each project created in the customer file. 

With Tattoomorrow, no more forgotten deposit, no more doubts about the payment of the services performed. 


Two clicks and you create a payline, designation, amount and date will be presented. 

No limit of paylines and the total calculated easily.


Once the project or the service is finished, you will only have to validate the end of the project and you will receive by e-mail, a summary in .pdf format in invoice mode to be able to manage your accounts. 


No more doubts about payments, Tattoomorrow keeps your accounting tracking error-free.


10. Your care sheets tidy:


Performing well remains the priority, but with poor care your work can be damaged. We advise you to create good quality care sheets, accentuated with examples of consequences if the care is not well respected. 


How many times do you repeat this subject?

How many customers have written to you that they have  lost the care sheet… 


Repeating yourself is nice but solving the problem in one click is faster. 

Save time by uploading your care sheets to your application and simply click on send the care sheet in the client's project and he will receive the sheet by e-mail.


Do you have several care sheets or instructions before or after the acts?

No worries, Tattoomorrow allows you to download your documents in pdf, jpeg… 


Everything is in your account space to download them. Your app does the rest.


You can repeat before, during or after the act, your client will inevitably forget something. Support is essential. 


Tattoomorrow allows you to dematerialize everything, avoid all paper printing, save money and save time! Plus it's good for the planet.


11. import a digital diary:


Tattoomorrow doesn't leave you on the sidelines if you're already using a calendar system on your phone!


You can of course import it in one click via your account space. The import will be done quickly and will automatically create all the appointments in your tattoomorrow calendar.


Once your appointments are back in the app, you can even link them to your clients in just a few clicks.


Warning: any import creates an appointment: birthday dates and public holidays will be transformed into appointments, but you can modify them if necessary later.

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