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Monitoring application
material traceability


Traceability management

Material traceability is crucial in our businesses for different reasons:

  • It helps to remember the equipment used, particularly valuable in tattooing where several different brands of inks can be used.

  • It provides proof of the use of equipment that meets standards and is adequate for the procedure in the event of a problem, thus strengthening your professionalism and your defense in disputes.

  • It builds customer trust by showing your best practices during the process.

Tattoomorrow integrates this process into each project, offering several traceability choices:


  • Text: Write the product information in the dedicated spaces.

  • Photo: Save time by taking a photo of the labels to record details.

Additionally, our app copies photos to the device gallery and imposes no text or photo limits, allowing you to plot as many projects with as many photos as needed.

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Tattoomorrow transforms the way you manage your hardware, test the application for free.
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