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Calendar management for tattoo artists, piercers and makeup artists

Adapt your appointments to your workload

Turning pages in your diary for long minutes, not knowing when the next availability is, forgetting a customer meeting, finding yourself with poorly organized days, forgetting your diary at the store...

This is all a thing of the past with Tattoomorrow.

Your diary will be readable quickly and at a glance, one visual per month with a colored dot indicating your workload each day*. This alone will save you a lot of time.
In two clicks, you will create an appointment directly by selecting the desired day.
Just one click on a day and the appointments appear at the bottom of the calendar.

*workload based on 8 hours of work, the color dot will change color depending on the number of hours you have reserved per day.

Import your current calendar

Tattoomorrow doesn't leave you behind if you already use a calendar system on your phone!
You can of course import it in one click via your account area. The import will be done quickly and will automatically create all the appointments in your tattoomorrow calendar.
Once your appointments are submitted in the application, you can even link them to your clients in a few clicks.

Please note: any import creates an appointment: birthday dates and public holidays will be transformed into appointments, but you can modify them if necessary later.

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With Tattoomorrow, you can manage your calendar easily and for free from now on.
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