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For the Revolutionary Application for Tattooers, Piercers and Permanent Make-up Artists

1. Who is Tattoomorrow for?

Tattoomorrow caters specifically to tattoo artists, piercers and permanent makeup artists. Designed as a natural extension of your activity, it becomes your valuable ally by simplifying the logistics and organization specific to each profession.

2. Why switch to an app?

Running a store can be complex, but Tattoomorrow offers you a turnkey solution to simplify every aspect of your business. From calendar management to material traceability, everything is dematerialized, organized intuitively, and accessible in one click from your smartphone or tablet.

Say goodbye to the paper diary and immerse yourself in 2.0 management that saves you time while ensuring flawless organization.

3. Is the application secure?

Trust is everything, which is why Tattoomorrow keeps your data secure. Servers based in France comply with GDPR standards, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of your information. Available on the AppStore and GooglePlay, the application offers secure "inApp" payment directly via the stores.

4. How is the user experience designed?

Tattoomorrow offers an optimized reception for quick access to the latest clients and upcoming appointments. Speed and time saving are the priorities for a smooth user experience.

5. Managing a calendar: one of Tattoomorrow's strong points?

Say goodbye to endless paper diaries. Tattoomorrow simplifies the management of your calendar with a clear interface, an instant monthly view, and the ability to create appointments in a few clicks. Visually managing your workload saves you valuable time.

6. How to manage your clients with Tattoomorrow?

No limits with Tattoomorrow. Creating clients and projects, quickly searching, and easily accessing your last ten modified clients makes client management a breeze.

7. How is traceability managed?

Tattoomorrow integrates traceability into each client project, offering the possibility of adding information by text or photo. Capture details of the equipment used in one click, ensuring your professionalism and security in the event of a dispute.

8. How does the liability waiver work?

Protect yourself with the built-in electronic liability waiver. Pre-filled with your information, it is electronically signed by the customer, facilitating tracking and automatic archiving by email.

9. Can we manage payments?

Tattoomorrow eliminates forgotten deposits with a dedicated payment space in each project. Create payment lines, track transactions, and receive a summary in .pdf format for seamless accounting management.

10. How are the care sheets stored?

Dematerialize your care forms, send them by email in one click, and say goodbye to forgetting and losing documents. Tattoomorrow allows you to centralize all your care records in an easy-to-access space.

11. Can we import a digital calendar?

Easily integrate your existing calendar into Tattoomorrow, automatically linking appointments to your clients in just a few clicks.

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Tattoomorrow is much more than an application, it is the essential partner to simplify your activity and unleash your creativity. Don't wait any longer, test 2.0 management for free with Tattoomorrow!
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