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An Application dedicated to the security and efficient management of Piercing Studios

In the world of piercing, safety and rigorous management of equipment are essential elements.

Imagine an all-in-one solution that simplifies the traceability of your equipment, digitizes your paper-based processes, strengthens legal accountability with electronically signed waivers, and offers personalized care advice to your customers.

All this in a mobile application designed by a piercing professional, for experienced piercers.

Image by Kilian Seiler

1. Traceability of Piercing Material:

Traceability is crucial in the world of piercing. Our smartphones have changed the way we work, and your hardware management is no exception.

With our dedicated app, you can scan and save details of every product used, from sterile pads to jewelry, in moments. This complete traceability is essential to guarantee the quality of your services and the safety of your customers.

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2. Electronic Disclaimer:

In the piercing environment, legal protection is essential, especially when it comes to minors accompanied by parents. Our app makes it easy to create and electronically sign liability waivers, providing essential legal protection.

In the event of an incident, these releases become crucial proof of customer commitment, establishing shared responsibility.

3. Post Piercing Infection Management:

Infections related to piercings are unfortunately common. Focus on prevention by using our application to send personalized care sheets to your customers.

These electronic sheets offer precise advice on healing and minimize the risk of infections. Educating your clients contributes to a positive experience, reinforces your professionalism and reduces post-piercing incidents.

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4. Advanced Agenda Management:

Forget paper diaries. Our app offers advanced calendar management, synchronized across all your devices. Create, edit and track appointments in real time.

Efficient calendar management frees up time, allowing you to focus on what matters: your art. In addition, your application sends a reminder email to your customers automatically to avoid forgotten appointments.

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5. Client and Project Organization:

Organizing clients and projects is a breeze with our app. Create detailed customer profiles, quickly access your last ten edited customers, and organize projects with ease.

The intuitive interface, created by an experienced piercer, takes into account the specificities of your activity.

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Our mobile application is more than just a management solution. It is an indispensable partner for modern piercers, offering increased security, efficient management, and an improved customer experience. Join the piercing management revolution with Tattoomorrow today.
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