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Optimized for the efficient management of the modern tattoo artist

The world of tattooing is changing rapidly, and to stay ahead, it is crucial to adapt to new professional practices. Let's imagine a solution that allows you to manage the traceability of your tattoo equipment, secure your practice with liability waivers, send care sheets to your clients, and optimize the management of your diary and your projects, all in a mobile app designed by a tattoo artist, for tattoo artists.

1. Traceability of Tattoo Equipment:

Traceability is an essential pillar in the world of tattooing. Knowing where each ink, each needle comes from is not only good practice, but it is also a professional requirement.

You can record details, batch numbers, part numbers and expiration dates at a glance. When needed, full traceability is at your fingertips, ready to protect you in the event of a dispute.

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2. Electronic Disclaimer:

Tattooing acts are not trivial, and a waiver of liability signed by the client is crucial. Imagine a pre-filled waiver, tailored to your needs, available in your app.

The customer signs electronically, and the release is automatically archived for you and the customer. If something goes wrong, this release becomes a strong line of defense, demonstrating your professionalism and customer commitment.

3. Personalized Care Sheets:

Caring for tattooed skin is as important as the act itself. With our application, you can send personalized care sheets to each client, guaranteeing optimal healing and minimizing the risk of infections.

A simple click allows you to dematerialize these sheets, reducing the use of paper and contributing to a more environmentally friendly approach.

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4. Advanced Agenda Management:

Imagine a planner that works for you. Our app offers advanced calendar management, with clear visualization of your monthly workload. Creating appointments is child's play, and syncing them across all your devices is automatic.

No more chasing your paper calendar or worrying about forgetting an appointment. In addition, your application sends a reminder email to your customers to avoid forgotten appointments.

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5. Client and Project Organization:

Managing your clients and their projects becomes an intuitive experience.

Create detailed client profiles, quickly access your last ten edited clients, and organize projects end-to-end in one click.

Our app was designed by a tattoo artist, understanding the specific challenges of the industry.

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Tattoomorrow is much more than an all-in-one management tool. It is a faithful companion for modern tattoo artists, developed by an expert in the field. Opt for simplicity, security and efficiency in managing your tattoo business now.
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